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Appeiros Mobile Development | Desarrollo de apps para dispositivos móviles inteligentes.
Appeiros Mobile Development es una start-up gallega cuya actividad principal consiste en el desarrollo de aplicaciones informáticas para dispositivos móviles inteligentes (como smartphones y tablets). Appeiros pertenece actualmente al vivero de empresas de base tecnológica de la Universidade da Coruña.
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What is an app?

Do i need one?

It is a tool designed to meet specific needs.

The popularity of this type of solutions among users has grown exponentially in recent years. The approximate number of users of these products is 5 million people in Spain, and the industry is continuously growing.

The variety of environments (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian) make native mobile development a challenging task. There are apps for users, but in recent years a number of business services, which, through mobility, meet needs of all types (logistics, connectivity, data analysis in real time) are emerging.

Native app
Donwload Victor Grande on Appstore
I already have a website…


In the last year browsing through mobile devices doubled and currently almost 20% of the total. The continued growth in this area together with new possibilities offered by mobile make it very attractive converting your website into a mobile site.

This new way of browsing makes it necessary to adapt the web to fulfill two essential requirements: touch usability and save on your mobile internet data plan.


Touch usability

Creating a user interface that responds to different touch gestures, fast and intuitiveis a design challenge that PC-based web fail because management was performed using the keyboard and mouse. Gestures such as pinch to zoom, swipe, long press multipoint are some examples of actions not feasible with the mouse.

Save internet data plan

The mobile broadband with download speeds much lower than those of home makes it necessary to redesign the look-and-feel of the website minimizing images, videos or items that consume a lot of data.

Responsive web
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What Our Clients Say


The challenge of developing @AppvisorES for Android was a great experience thanks to the promptness and professionalism of @Appeiros ;-)

- Victor Salgado


My new website looks great on mobile devices!

- Cristobal


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’m the first comedian in Spain who has an app at the AppStore and the Play Store. It’s cool, isn’t it?

- Victor Grande


Introducing BlogtoApp

Keep your readers on their mobile device

It’s the easiest and cheaper way to create personal or business apps for Android and iOS with your blog, social networks and corporate presentations.

Demo apps on Google Play and Appstore. Try them and feel free to contact us about this awesome product.

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